Long Story Short

A while back, “New” Julie brought to our attention this thing called the “GORUCK Challenge” –  it sounded “fun” in that “things that seem terrible but good” kind of way.   Having Tough Mudders, Warrior Dashes, marathons, CrossFit competitions, 5ks, you name it under our belts, this just seemed like something we should do.

We decided to fire the GORUCK people a few dates for a “Custom” class in Hartford.  Easy enough – they accepted June 9, 2012 and gave us a 1am start time.

That date seemed so far away.

June 9th Came Quick

We were assigned Patrick as our Cadre and got our start point: the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Memorial Arch in Bushnell Park.

From here though, I am simply going to keep it short.   I am not even going to attempt to write up some inspirational post on how the GORUCK changed us.

I am simply going to say this:  The GORUCK Challenge was one of the, if not THE, most physically and emotionally challenging things any of has ever been through.

That is it.

100% Graduation!

I could not be more proud of everyone for sticking together, staying strong and pushing through.   We see all sorts of amazing things every day at the box, but this one takes the cake.  By far.

You are a very special group of people, and we are blessed to be part of your lives – CrossFit Nor’Easter members and our new GORUCK friends alike.

A Patch?

Yes.  We got a patch for our “troubles”.

That patch though… that patch runs deep.

Ladies and Gentlmen… GORUCK Class 181!

GORUCK Class 181