Ok folks, our next nutrition challenge is upon us!  We are taking measurements, photos and performing 2 baseline WODs this week.  Clean eating and better habits starts next week  on Monday May 21st and, we hope, continue on forever, but for the sake of this contest, ends Monday June 18th.

It will be similar to the last challenge we did, with a few simplifications and a couple of new “tid-bits”.


  1. We are going to take some metrics (body fat reading, performance metrics and photos).
  2. You are going to eat clean and do the “right things” for 30 days.
  3. Then we are going to “retake” those metrics.
  4. You are all going to have improved and the top 3 get prizes.


Initial benchmarks, photos and measurements commence this week (May 14th).

Nutrition “talks/mini-seminars” will take place Wednesday 5/16 at 7:15pm and on Saturday 5/19 at 10am.

Eating clean and living right starts Monday May 21st and ends Monday June 18th.

How do you “Play”

This challenge is points based.  You will accumulate points each day for each meal, getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, working out, etc.  (we will outline these all below).  You will also gain additional points for placing in the top 3  for any of the metrics along with achieving your 30 day goal (details below).

  1. First, you must “Buy-In” with the initial measurements, photos, perform the 2 metrics WODs this week and set yourself a 30 day goal.
  2. Next, from 5/21 to 6/14, you will eat right, get to the gym, sleep, drink and generally do the “right stuff”.
  3. Each day you will be logging your meals and daily ‘habits’ on our online tracking system.  You will need to log in with via Facebook, so if you don’t have a Facebook account, get one.
  4. The week of 6/14, we will retake measurements, photos and reperform the WODs.
  5. I will retire to my nerdery, compile everything, then announce the winners.
  6. A giant group hi-5 goes down.  It’s going to be sweet.

The Details

How you will earn points.


You are expected to eat 5 “meals” a day – 2 of which you can consider “snacks” and/or one being your post-wod recovery meal (shakes are acceptable, see below).  Otherwise, you will gain points for each meal based on what the meal consists of:

  • [+0] Skipped OR un-allotted cheat meal: not Paleo, Zone or Thrive
  • [+1] Paleo, Zone or Thrive meal
  • [+2] Zone meal:  Half of your carb blocks came from veggies.
  • [+2] Paleo/Zone: Paleo quality in Zone proportions
  • [+2] Post Work Out Recovery Meal/Shake before leaving the gym
  • [+2] Allocated Reasonable Cheat Meal (2/week)

You will also gain points for:

  • [+1] Eating 5 meals for the day
  • [+1] Having fewer than 5 hours between each meal
Yes, you read that correctly: “allowed cheat meals”.  These are meant to be reasonable cheat meals.  You will determine that, so be honest with yourself.  I should not need to say this, but you will be better off NOT using these at all.


You will be awarded points for working out at CFN.    This is a sliding scale based on the number of workouts you perform during the week:

  • [-10] Fewer than 3 WODs/week
  • [+0] 3 WODs a week
  • [+10] 4 WODs a week
  • [+20] 5 or more WODs/week

We will also allow participants to count 1 “home” WOD/week.  You must post your workout to the Facebook group, and you better not be be sandbagging it!!!

Other Points:

  • [+1] Drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water
  • [+1] Getting 8+ hours of sleep last night

30 Day Goal:

We have recently hosted the CrossFit Goal Setting Certification with Greg Amundson at our box and it certainly left an impression!  So for those that were not able to attend, here is a quick breakdown.   What does this mean to you and this challenge?  You are going to pick yourself a 30 day goal – it could be anything from an unassisted dead hang pull up to giving up coffee for 30 days.  This goal should be both challenging AND attainable.  It also needs to be made public – announce it on our Facebook group or write down and give it to us.

In the end, if you achieve this goal, you will get another 100 points added to your overall score.


Additional points will also awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placers in the other metric categories:

  1. Photos:  +100, 75, 50 respectively
  2. Body Composition:  +100, 75, 50 respectively
  3. Metrics:  +100, 75, 50 respectively

Team Mode!

We are going to add an informal aspect to this challenge:  Teams!   Losers buy the winners dinner and drinks at our traditional post-challenge watering hole:  Coyote Flaco.  There will also be some sort of glorious trophy or belt.  Probably made of paper mache and spray painted.   Just like the Stanley Cup, your names will be engraved upon it and you can take it home to celebrate with it for 24 hours.
If interested, let us know!  We are also looking for team captains.

Best Practices

Here a  few other optional, but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED things you should be doing throughout this challenge:

  1. Take your Vitamin D:  5000 iu’s/day
  2. Take your Fish Oil/Omega 3s:  4000 mg’s/day
  3. Since this is a community based challenge, we encourage you to post up photos of your meals (not required this time around), tips, recipes, encouragement whatever that might be of use to anyone in our Private Facebook Members Group.   If you are not a member of this group, friend one of us on Facebook and remind us to add you into it!

This is hard!

Yup.  It will be.  It is a lifestyle change for many of you.  Those typically do not come easy.

Is it going to require planning your meals out ahead of time?  Chances are yes.   Is it going to be hard to break habits?  You betcha.  5 days a week at the gym?  Yup.  Just do it.

In the end,  it is only 30 days.  

Make them count.   Get yourself into some good habits.  It gets easier.  I promise.