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We had a great Saturday here at chilly CrossFit Nor’Easter! I am even considering starting up a support group so we can all get over the WOD we did today. Contact me for details and/or a hug. I sure could use one after this.

So yeah, the 9am class got a little beat down with “Culbreth”:

For time:
1 Double under
1 Barbell Thruster @ 65lbs/45lbs
2 Double Unders
2 Barbell Thrusters @ 65lbs/45lbs

Continue adding 1 double under and 1 thruster every round until you reach 20 of each movement.

At the end of round 5 do 5 Burpees.
At the end of round 10 do 10 Burpees.
At the end of round 15 do 15 Burpees.
At the end of round 20 do 20 Burpees.

This was a tough one. It got pretty bad near the end! Great job everyone, a tough WOD like this is a good thing, it builds character!

Overall though, I think Tony summed it up nicely:


This guy is back! Great to see you Jimmy!

10:00 class

Had a great showing of people checking out our free intro Saturday class! You all did great! If you have been a little sore since then, embrace it! It means you just grew a little stronger! See you all next Saturday :)

FGB style 3 rounds 1 min, 30 sec rest, rest 1 minute between each round:

Box Jumps
Wall Ball
Abmat Sit-Ups
Kettlebell Swings